Nikola Tesla on generating critical kinetic energy in organisations

Energy.  If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.  A solution.

Nikola Tesla.  One of the greatest geniuses of the past century.  His work on alternating current changed the destiny of the human race.  It was the Lucretian swerve upon which all science, technology and society is based today.

Like all great scientists, he knew that we live in a universe that is driven by two things.  Energy and the evolutionary algorithm.  Wherever there is movement, from an idea, to an emotion, to a behaviour, energy is being used.

The challenge for leaders and their organisations is to understand that all performance is a function of energy.  This means it needs to be measured, managed and generated.  Effectively the business landscape is a competition for energy and its application.

We know from several decades of experience that a high energy organisation will always outperform a low energy organisation.

What is this energy, the 'fuel' that drives all organisations? 

Fortunately when it comes to leadership and organisations we have the genius of Nikola Tesla to lean on.

Tesla wrote extensively on human energy.  He was convinced that our survival and growth was wholly dependent on our ability to evolve new levels of energy.

He defined human energy simply in terms of two factors.  Intelligent thinking and intelligent action.  (If you prefer equations, HE = ITxIA).

He called this kinetic energy, or our 'energy in action.'  Thus any action by a leader, a team or an organisation, Tesla defines as kinetic energy or 'energy in action.'

And the goal is always simple - to maximise the available kinetic energy.

How to measure Tesla's kinetic energy - The GC Index

The Game Changing Index (The GC Index) unique, scientifically validated, operating in over fifty countries, matches perfectly the genius of Tesla.  

It measures individual energy in Tesla's two fundamental areas of intelligent thinking and intelligent action.  It does this by defining five critical 'energy domains' and most importantly reveals the level of available kinetic energy in each domain.  (See diagram above.)

The GC Index also matches perfectly a further human energy principle of Tesla.  He said that there are three steps to maximising human energy.

  • Raise the level of intelligence of the population through the application of the finest education.
  • Remove the destructive forces that destroy human energy.  These include corruption, war and stupidity.
  • Focus on continuous creativity and innovation in every dimension. See the universe as an infinite treasure chest.  There are no limits here to human endeavour.  And it is precisely here where Tesla and The GC Index can apply their magic.

Identifying the Game Changer - the primary source of all kinetic energy in organisations 

The early research undertaken by The GC Index organisation was focused and specific.  Identify the high-energy mavericks that drive energy, creativity and evolution in organisations.  The unique individuals, smart, independent, determined, they follow no-one but their own star, they see possibilities that others don't.  

They have names like Musk, Jobs, Gates, Branson, the Wright Bothers, Einstein, Armstrong (first on the moon), Shakespeare, Joan of Arc. And last but not least.  Nikola Tesla.

The research revealed two key factors that identified these unique animals.  Incredibly high levels of obsession and incredibly high levels of imagination.

In organisations only 5%, at most, have this special energy and related attributes, absolutely essential for organisational evolution and financial success.

What they uncovered was revolutionary and critically important to the cultural and scientific evolution of our species.  It requires no stretch of the imagination to realise that without these genetically unique individuals homo sapiens would still be swinging from the trees.  Think about it.  No speech, no gods, no nations and no organisations.  (Second thoughts - given Cop 27 - perhaps the planet would be better off?).  Just longer arms and calloused hands.

The dangerous paradox of Game Changers 

The evolution of homo sapiens is totally dependent on the Game Changers, the genetic minority, who at the same time threaten the status quo of the 'priests, politicians and warriors.' 

Effectively in every organisation and every nation there is an eternal battle between the 95% traditionalists, authoritarians and totalitarians and the 5% Game Changers.

Here is the paradox.  Organisations resist the Game Changers.  They are smart, resist hierarchies, rules, leadership gobbledegook, and are fiercely independent.  They threaten the 95%.  But there is a price to pay for resisting change and - to be blunt - groupthink imbecility.  Look at the facts.  Worldwide the average organisation now barely survives a decade.

Lessons for leaders and their organisations 

Since covid the working landscape has shifted.  Many organisations are now in turmoil.  They have little or no Game Changing skills in their DNA.  They have no clue how to manage the tectonic shifts taking place.  They simply wait like lambs to the slaughter, unable to look around corners and build their own new future.  Many will be lucky to survive the next year, never mind the next ten.

Evolution is the key - deal with it 

If organisations want to survive they must learn to evolve.  Not 'change', not 'transform' - the language of the 95% - but evolve, the language of the Game Changer.

Thus if organisations wish to survive and grow in today's fast changing landscape, they urgently need to build their Game Changing capability.  To meet Tesla's most important recommendation of continually evolving and generating new levels of energy and intelligence, CEO's who understand this, need to do the following.

  • Quickly identify the Game Changers in their organisation.
  • Create a structure and culture that engages and rewards the Game Changers.

It's that simple.  Unless of course you are smarter than Nikola Tesla!

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